The Kaz Capital Recommended Portfolio Performance:


Kaz Capital currently has a large pool of funds under management, managing cash, bonds, equities, derivatives and convertibles. Kaz Capital’s investment strategy is focused on proven concepts with strong potential for growth. Global markets are placed through a rigorous scientific filtering process whereby we discover deep value investments based on proprietary parameters. The resultant findings are analysed and investment opportunities are handpicked based on their ability to outperform the market. No investment is made without our analyst and research teams drilling into details other providers do not; we take face to face meetings with many investee companies at senior levels to ensure robust verification of financials and insights into breaking news.


Thanks to active management of a well-diversified equities portfolio of companies, The Kaz Capital Recommended Portfolio generated a return of 6% including dividends for FY15, over 18% including dividends for FY14, and over 28% including dividends for FY13.

Derivatives, bonds, cash and convertibles

Additional income from derivative, bond, cash and convertible trading was achieved with The Kaz Capital Recommended Portfolio by using trading strategies to take advantage of market inefficiencies.


The Kaz Capital Recommended Portfolio was set up to meet the needs of high net worth domestic and foreign individuals and institutions with an appetite for investing in the share market. We invite you to discuss your investments with us, for further information Contact Us.

Kaz Capital via its unique share investment process has enjoyed strong success in the financial markets.