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Investment Advisory

Kaz Capital provides clients with best in class wealth advice and portfolio management services. We assist clients to achieve their wealth goals through careful general advice, smart investment management and the use of cutting edge technologies and the most up-to-date trading and research tools.

We work closely with domestic and foreign high-net-worth individuals, families and select institutions to develop bespoke wealth and investment management strategies tailored to each individual client. We currently have a large pool of funds under management, managing cash, bonds, equities, derivatives and convertibles.

Kaz Capital’s investment strategy is focused on proven concepts with strong potential for growth. Global markets are placed through a rigorous scientific filtering process whereby we discover deep value investments based on proprietary parameters. The resultant findings are analysed and investment opportunities are handpicked based on their ability to outperform the market. No investment is made without our analyst and research teams drilling into details other providers do not; we take face to face meetings with many investee companies at senior levels to ensure robust verification of financials and insights into breaking news. We pair this with strong execution capabilities and attentive client service. We call it the Kaz difference.

Unique and powerful approach to managing wealth, proven over years of managing wealth for distinguished families and strong institutions.

Corporate Advisory

Our corporate advisory team have extensive experience in corporate transactions and strategy; we offer a full suite of corporate advisory services to private companies, companies listed or intending to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”).

We deliver high quality strategic advice and creative financing solutions to our corporate clients. We combine our extensive knowledge and expertise with access to global capital markets to assist our corporate clients to grow. 

Kaz Capital is deft at constructing fully tailored solutions for its clients including: 

  • Acquisitions and sales (buy side / sell side)

  • Takeovers and mergers

  • Divestments and trade sale exits

  • Shareholder sell downs

  • Joint ventures

  • Capital raisings and strategic partner placements

  • Initial public offerings

  • Underwriting services

  • Demand generation and spread

  • Private placements

  • Rights issues

  • Debt raising and refinancing

  • Capital management

  • Structured finance

  • Strategic planning and business development

  • Deal matching

  • Strategic reviews

  • Valuations and financial modelling

  • Product structuring

  • Innovation and market disruption

Experienced team with a proven track record of success.

Wholesale Bullion Services

Kaz Capital clients can enjoy the services and benefits of wholesale investing in the physical assets of precious metals including gold, silver and platinum bullion.

Our clients can choose to invest in either allocated or pool allocated metals.

Allocated metal investors can choose to have their bullion stored in state of the art vaults and insured in full. Alternatively, they can elect to take their bullion to store as they please. Kaz Capital can provide clients with global standard PAMP Bullion, with the international standard set at ‘999.9’ meaning that physical products are 99.99% pure.

Pool allocated metals come with free storage and insurance. Purchasing pool allocated metals is popular when wanting to trade the assets that’s to the high level of liquidity. The metals can be purchased in specific dollar amounts or in ounces and kilos, and are 100% backed by physical metal. Clients may choose to convert their pool allocated bullion into physical bars, at any time (barring fees apply).

We provide our clients with the ability to purchase precious metal bullion at wholesale rates.

Managed Funds

We are able to act as the Responsible Entity for an array of fund types. We can utilise this ability to create boutique funds for clients who wish to invest with a common agenda. We are able to arrange for:

  • legal documentation

  • regulatory compliance

  • access to capital

  • opportunity sourcing

  • custodian services

  • auditing

  • management; and

  • execution/transaction services.

Our boutique fund creation service is a way for clients to source pooled or crowd capital for specific investment/s.

Clients can create their own managed investment schemes to pool funds and access the power of group funding.